Daily Bell Schedules

2020-2021 Bell Schedules

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Semester 1 A/B Day Bell Schedule 
(Rev. 10/19/20)

2020-2021 JCS Parent Calendar w A Day B Day

2020-2021 JCS Calendar w A Day B Day

Per the Future Ready School Re-Entry Guidance Document from Jefferson County Schools in response to COVID-19, Jefferson High School will be running a modified block schedule on an A Day / B Day rotation. Every school day has been designated as an A Day or a B Day, regardless of whether instruction is occurring in person, remotely, or via Jefferson Virtual Academy. 

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New Routines for Arrival and Dismissal!

As noted on the JHS 2020-2021 Semester 1 Bell Schedule, we will have staggered arrival and dismissal times to assist in maintaining social distancing and allow for temperature screening upon entry. For the health and safety of all, it is essential that car riders (those being dropped off) and drivers plan their arrival and departure to align with the assigned times so there is not interference with buses.

Please reference the attached map to view entrances and traffic patterns. We will have law enforcement to assist with directing traffic during the first week of school while everyone learns these new patterns.

With the staggered start of school (25% each day the first two weeks – the county will publish those details), we will have an opportunity to teach and practice new arrival and dismissal routines.

Important Changes:

Car Riders –

Drop off and pick up may occur ONLY in the Bus Loop. Students may enter the building through the closest designated entrance.

Please do NOT use the front staff parking lot or the stop sign at the back corner of the gym parking lot for drop off or pick up as in previous years.

As always, do not drop off or pick up in student parking lots – this creates a safety hazard for our student drivers.

There is NO THRU TRAFFIC in the parking lot by the auditorium / gym entrance during arrival and dismissal.

Drivers –

Please enter and exit the building through the door designated for your assigned parking lot.

Students who carpool with drivers must wait for drivers to be called at dismissal.


*** Please note the One Way lane that runs behind the gym will be restricted for Bus Use ONLY during arrival and dismissal times and will run in the opposite direction. ***

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