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12th Grade English Language Arts

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General classroom rules / expectations

The following rules are very basic, easy and should be followed at all times.
1. Talking You are allowed to talk when we are having class discussions. This is limited to talking only about the subject we are discussing. You should not talk out of turn or with your neighbor about anything else during this time. If you are working individually, there should not be any talking. If you are working in groups, talking should be limited to topic of activity.
2. No food, drinks, gum, candy, etc. Do not bring anything to eat in class. County and state policy forbids eating of food in the classrooms. The only thing permitted in the room is water in its original bottle or transparent reusable container. Please keep the room neat and clean.
3. Respect the teacher and classmates Respect the teacher when you do what is asked of you, don't talk back or argue, do not touch other's property without permission, do not speak out of turn and follow all classroom rules and procedures. Respect your classmates when you follow classroom rules and procedures.
4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself This means you do not throw things, kick things, push people, hit people, etc.
5. Come to class prepared I expect you to come to class with your assignment ready to turn in, the necessary books, and pens/pencils. You will not be allowed to leave the classroom to get any of the above.

Daily procedures / class routines

Entering the Classroom
1. Enter the classroom quietly without running, pushing, or talking loudly.
A. Note you will only have 5 minutes from the time your bell rings to complete your Bell Ringer. Once the 5 minutes time has been called, you must be prepared for the day's activity. The above rules are for your benefit.

B. Please remember there are other classes trying to learn.
If You Are Late (Tardy)
You are late to class if you are not sitting in your seat when the bell rings (Note: Running into the classroom as the bell rings does not count as being on time).
Turning in Assignments
A. Place classwork in the basket assigned to your class.
1. If it is not in the correct basket, it will be marked with a 0.
2. It is your responsibility to turn in classwork in the correct basket on the day it is due.
B. You should come to class prepared to turn in the assignment on the day it is due.
1. Do not come in expecting to print the assignment during class. Your paper should be printed and in your hand when you come to class.
2. Late work will be accepted with the highest possible grade of a 65% awarded.

C. See County policy for exceptions.

Privileged time - If the class has followed classroom rules and procedures to the teacher's satisfaction, the class will end 5 minutes before the bell. At that time the teacher will check to see if the rows are in order, if there are any papers or trash on the floor, and if all materials have been returned.
These activities are allowed during this time: a) talking quietly b) writing notes c) passing notes d) reading e) doing work for another class f) doing make-up work.

The following activities are not allowed: a) walking around the room b) standing near the door c) yelling or screaming d) physical contact such as pushing or throwing objects e) absolutely no electronics.

When You Finish Early
If you finish all of your assigned work early you may a) read independently b) work on an assignment for another class c) write d) draw. DO NOT TALK OR DISTURB OTHERS.

Restroom Policy
You may go to the restroom only if:
a) you have finished all of your assigned work
b) the class is working on Individual Seatwork
c) you have not abused this privilege in the past







The following guidelines apply to all high school course grading practices:

1. At least two summative assessments (i.e., projects, unit tests, chapter tests, portfolios, approved alternate assessments, etc.) shall be given each nine weeks.

2. There will be one cumulative assessment valued at 1/7 of the semester average. This cumulative assessment will be administered near the conclusion of the semester.

Prior to administering to students, each teacher must provide to the school based administration for review and approval a copy of this assessment with scoring guidelines.

3. Seniors eligible for graduation may request an exemption from any second semester cumulative assessment if the following criteria are met:

a. The senior must have a cumulative second semester average per course of at least 93% 8 days prior to the graduation date.

b. The senior's discipline record may not include any out of school suspensions during the second semester.

4. Homework will be 10% of a student's final nine-week grade.

Jefferson County Schools is committed to ensuring the success of all students. Equally, we understand that circumstances arise in a student's life that prohibits him/her from functioning at his/her highest caliber. Therefore, to help students understand the obstacle of failure and how to correct mistakes, the following retest guidelines are established:

Retest after Failure

Any student who earns less than 70% on a test can remediate with the teacher and opt to be reassessed retested provided the request is made within 5 school days of the verbal or written notification of the test grade. Posting via electronic grade book does not constitute formal notification of a test grade.

The reassessment can be done in a multitude of ways, which is determined by the teacher.

Retest methods may include, but are not limited to, taking a different test, submitting a project/alternative assignment or a writing sample, conducting formalized test correction procedure, etc. This retest procedure does not apply to the cumulative assessment. Students are restricted to a single retest of each test.

1. Jefferson County Schools has the responsibility to provide an annual notice to students/parents regarding this policy.

Individual student access for retest opportunity may be revoked by the administration upon substantiation of abuse.

2.The retest is graded for student feedback; however, the student will receive the higher of the two (original or retest) scores. Regardless of the actual score on the retest, the grade for the test will be capped at 70%.

3.This retest option does not apply to the cumulative assessment.

In all subject areas, instruction and practice in writing is required each marking period (WVDE Policy 2510, 9.6). Nine weeks grades must be recorded on the report cards in letter grades with each letter being assigned on a percent value. Both the letter and percent must be shown on the report card. Percents must be rounded to the nearest whole percent.

Make-up Work and Missed Assignments

In accordance with Jefferson County School policy, students will be granted one school day for each day of absence to complete assignments given during their absence. It is the student's responsibility to initiate the request for the missed assignments and to complete the make-up work in the time allotted.

Work assigned prior to an absence that comes due during the absence must be turned in upon return from the absence.

Students may contact their Guidance Counselor to request assignments in the event of extended and/or planned absences. Upon receipt of the request, the Guidance Counselor will contact teachers and assignments will be forwarded to the office for pick up following the request. Please allow at least 24 hours for such requests to be honored, and note that not all assignments may be available in advance. Additionally, students are encouraged to utilize LiveGrades as a means to communicate with their teachers are stay abreast of assignments and class activities.

If a student misses work due to being sent out or called out of class, the student will be allowed to make up the work in accordance with the above-referenced policies and procedures, even if the reason for being sent or called out is related to disruptive behavior or other matter related to behavior discipline.

When a student misses work due to sleeping in class, walking out of class, skipping class, or work refusal, the student will receive a 0% for the assignment. The student will not be permitted to re-take or make-up the assignment, unless the assignment is a test. If the assignment is a test, the 0% will be recorded, and the student may initiate reassessment in accordance with the revised grading policy (approved 8/20/2016).

Note - For purposes of this discussion, the terms "assignment" and "work" are used interchangeably and refer to any product that results in a recorded grade.

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