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Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps is a leadership and development program under the Jefferson County Career and Technical Exploration Program. In total, there are over 884 AFJROTC units each of which has the mission of developing citizens of character. Since its inception in 2002, Jefferson High School's AFJROTC unit has received the Distinguished Unit Award, the highest distinction an AFJROTC unit can receive.

Students may enroll in the AFJROTC program at the start of any high school year. We do, however, encourage all cadets to begin their membership in AFJROTC during their freshman year which will allow for a plethora of benefits to the cadet in the long run including, but not limited to: scholarships, completer status, and a higher potential of being selected for leadership positions in the corps. Cadets who transfer to Jefferson and were previously a member in another school's AFJROTC program are welcome to join as well.

Unit History & Record

Since its establishment in 2002, Jefferson's AFJROTC unit has become deeply rooted in community life in Jefferson County. We are not a new organization and therefore have many connections with local charities, businesses, and other schools. Our unit competes only with six other worldwide who have also managed to secure the Distinguished Unit Award. On average, we accumulate 3,000 hours of community service per academic year—one of the largest collections of community service amongst any school-sponsored organization on the East Coast. We are the beneficiary of over 20 different organizations in Jefferson County and hold over 100 community service events each year. In 2014, our unit placed 1st in the CyberPatriot competition and placed 3rd in the first year Color Guard at an officially sanctioned drill competition. In 2015, we placed 2nd in the upperclassman Color Guard and 3rd in the upperclassman Unarmed Drill Regulation Sequence at an officially sanctioned drill competition.

Jefferson's AFJROTC unit is the largest organization at the school and, during the 2017 academic year, had 300 total cadets. These cadets are responsible for all of our unit's success as we are a completely cadet driven organization. Our goal is for cadets to continue their education after high school, 95% of which meet this goal—much higher than the high school average. About a third of our graduates are the first in their family to go to college and our cadets do very well earning scholarships considering 2015's 25 AFJROTC graduates earned $1.6 million in scholarship offers of the $3.5 million earned by the entire graduating class.

Affiliation with the Military

There is no United States Armed Forces service commitment attached to membership in Junior ROTC. The sole mission of JROTC is to develop citizens of character—not to groom the nation's future servicemen and women. However, should a cadet in our JROTC program choose to join the armed forces, they will reap many benefits. Those who choose to enlist will instantly be promoted to the pay grade of an E3, a significant jump in pay. In addition, those cadets who choose to commission as an officer via Senior ROTC in College will be promoted as well.

Distinguished JROTC programs are able to nominate up to 5 eligible cadets to the 5 United States Service Academies—the Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, Military Academy at West Point, Merchant Marine Academy, and Coast Guard Academy. We currently have two past JROTC cadets attending West Point.

A Day in the Life of a Cadet

Our cadets fit in seamlessly with the rest of the student body. With over 300 cadets, our unit is larger than any other school organization. Cadets enrolled in AFJROTC will attend their classes every day as usual, AFJROTC being one of the classes. Tuesday is typically reserved for uniform day where all cadets in the Corps wear the JROTC uniform together—a graded event. JROTC cadets will spend every other day of the week dressing exactly as they would if they were simply a "citizen."

Sports, Band, and Clubs

We encourage our cadets to participate in other activities in the school. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are the only organization where there is truly something for every type of person to do—academic, physical, or technological. Roughly 30% of our Corps is also involved in band whilst over half of our Corps participates in other clubs and organizations around the school. In fact, most of our cadets are involved in clubs, band, and participate in a sport. Our program will not interfere with any other organization or school entity.

Cost to Cadets and Parents

Our Corps requires a $70 Activity Fee from new cadets and $100 Activity Fee from returning cadets at the start of every academic year. This fee is similar to those in band, show choir, sports teams, etc. and covers all AFJROTC activities for the year including field trips. It may be paid in full or through weekly, monthly, or quarterly installments.

Aside from the Activity Fee, our unit's largest cost is time. Cadets will get out exactly what they put in to the corps. Those who choose to volunteer for events and dedicate their free time to our mission will progress through the ranks very quickly. The mandatory events to every cadet take less than 10 hours out of a cadet's life during the entire school year—every other event is strictly voluntary.

Past Accomplishments

Recipient of the Distinguished Unit Award every year since 2003
Received 19,000 Community Service hours since 2003
Donated over $48,000 to the Jefferson County Shoe & Coat Fund in 2017
Donated over $42,000 to the Jefferson County Shoe & Coat Fund in 2018
Participated in over 65 Color Guards in 2016
Hosted five American Red Cross Blood Drives in 2016-17
Completed 4623 Community Service hours in 2016-17 academic year
Placed 2nd overall at Stonewall Jackson Annual Drill Competition 2017
Received Platinum & Gold tier in Cyber Patriot IX 2016-17

Need More Information?

Both our cadets and AFJROTC Instructors, Major Suydam, SMSgt Morris, and MSgt Langdonare always willing to answer any further questions you may have regarding the Corps of Cadets. Please call 304-725-8491 ext. 6051.

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