Shoe and Coat Fund Information

Fund History

The Jefferson County Shoe & Coat Fund was initiated in the mid-1980's by the Rumsey Extension Club. The group's members were mostly local educators and teachers organized under the Jefferson County Extension Service. Usually, women counted the shoes in their closets and donated 10 cents for each pair they owned to buy shoes and warm clothes for less fortunate children. During the early age of the fund, group efforts raised about $300-$400 each year. Although the Rumsey Extension Group disbanded approximately 10 years ago, the Jefferson County Department of Education Student Support Services (known now as Pupil Services) adopted the program.

The Jefferson High School Air Force AFJROTC started contributing to the fund in 2002 when the unit was formed. The AFJROTC program is one of the primary supporters of the Jefferson County Shoe and Coat Fund. The program now serves as a charity, non-profit fund for disadvantaged children in Jefferson County, WV. Every November, cadets from the unit go door-to-door collecting monetary donations for the fund. All donations are tax-deductible. Our Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) is 55-6000334.  After collection, all donations are given to Pupil services where the fund is administered. Should you have any questions regarding the Shoe & Coat Fund, please contact any AFJROTC instructor at (304) 725-8491 ext. 6051.

The JHS AFJROTC contributed $55,000 in the academic year of 2019-20, bringing our all-time contributions to more than $272,000.

Contribution History
2002-2010: $28,000
2011: $7,900
2012: $9,000
2013: $10,000
2014: $11,000
2015: $23,000
2016: $37,000
2017: $48,000
2018:  $42,000
2019:  $55,000

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