JHS has been listed as a test center for the SAT administration on December 5, 2020. Please reference the LiveGrades message from Ms. DeHaven. College Board has updated their registration and has officially listed JHS on their website. If your junior or senior student needs to take the SAT, please register ASAP through College Board for the December 5th test date at JHS. As mentioned in the LiveGrades message from Ms. DeHaven, there will be a limited number of seats and this option is available to any student--not just ours. If your child is a Senior this year, please contact Ms. DeHaven ( to receive a voucher code if you have not done so already for taking the SAT at no cost. Students are only able to request one voucher code.

Fall 2020 SAT 

Due to school closure during the spring, 11
th grade students were unable to take the SAT School Day.  
All rising 2021 Seniors will have the opportunity to take the SAT for free with a voucher during the Fall semester. 
Please click HERE for SAT dates, information, and voucher instructions. 
Contact Ms. DeHaven in the counseling office to receive your voucher code. / Ext 6021

Jefferson High School's SAT School Code

By entering our school code, you are permitting College Board and ACT to send us a copy of your score report. Your score report will be kept on file in our office and will be available to send with your transcript.  However, the copies that we receive are considered copies by colleges/universities.  Should your college/university require official score reports, you will need to have them sent directly to the school by College Board or ACT.

SAT Logo

The SAT includes critical reading, math, and writing with multiple-choice questions, sentence completion questions, and written essays.  The SAT also offers Subject Tests designed to measure your knowledge and skills in specific subject areas along with your ability to apply that knowledge.  Most subject tests are offered on the same dates as the regular SAT. 

Register at least 30 days prior to testing at  Registration fees are listed below, updated as of August 2020.

SAT (Essay Excluded)
 SAT (Essay Included) $68
 Late Registration Additional Fee $30
Test Date Change Additional Fee
 Waitlist Fee
Subject Test Registration Fee
 Each Subject Test Fee $22
 Language with Listening Test Fee $26

The chart below contains current SAT testing dates and deadlines to register. These dates are subject to change and should be verified on the College Board website listed above.

SAT Test Date  Registration Deadline Late Registration Deadline
 August 29, 2020 (canceled)
July 31, 2020 August 18, 2019 (online)
 September 26, 2020
 August 26, 2020  September 15, 2020
 October 3, 2020
 September 4, 2020  September 22, 2020 (online)
November 7, 2020
 October 7, 2020  October 27, 2020 (online)
 December 5, 2020
 November 5, 2020  November 24, 2020 (online)
 March 13, 2021
February 12, 2021   March 2, 2021 (online)
 May 8, 2021
April 8, 2021 April 27, 2021 (online)
 June 5, 2021 May 6, 2021 May 26, 2021 (online)

ACT Logo
The ACT consists of 215 multiple-choice questions in English, math, reading, and science.  The ACT Plus Writing includes those subject areas plus a 30-minute writing test. 

Register at least 30 days prior to testing at  Registration fees are listed below, updated as of August 2020.

ACT (Essay Excluded)
 ACT (Essay Included)
 Test Option Change
 Late Registration Additional Fee
  Standby Testing Additional Fee  $56
Test Date Change Additional Fee

The chart below contains current ACT testing dates and deadlines to register. These dates are subject to change and should be verified on the ACT website listed above.

ACT Test Date
Registration Deadline
Late Registration Window
September 12, 2020
September 13, 2020 (Sunday)
September 19, 2020
August 28, 2020 - -
October 10, 2020
October 17, 2020
October 24, 2020
October 25, 2020 (Sunday)
September 17, 2020 September 18-25, 2020
December 12, 2020
November 6, 2020 November 7-20, 2020
February 6, 2021
January 8, 2021 January 9-15, 2021
April 17, 2021
March 12, 2021 March 13-26, 2021
June 12, 2021
May 7, 2021 May 8-21, 2021
July 17, 2021
June 18, 2021 June 19-25, 2025

Note: There are various testing locations for both the SAT and ACT; however, These locations' availability change depending on the test date. When registering for either test, the student will be able to choose from a plethora of locations in varying distance from Jefferson High School. Please review the tests' respective home pages to see these testing locations.

SAT vs. ACT Logo

Picture The transition from high school to college can be confusing and complicated.  At the heart of the application process is the college readiness assessment tests that are prerequisites to entering the collegiate world.  The most common (and universally accepted) of these tests are the SAT and the ACT.  

Students often have questions and concerns when it comes to these tests.  Which test should I take?  When should I take it?  Do I need to take both?  Will my school accept either test?  Can I super-score my tests?

It is advised to take either the ACT or SAT at least once during your Junior year to get a feel for the testing process, and again your Senior year if you feel as though you need/want to improve your testing score.  Only one test is generally needed in order to gain entrance into a post-secondary program.  Check the ACT and SAT sections above to help determine testing locations and logistics.

Most major North American colleges and universities will accept both the ACT and the SAT - even if they have a preference.  The image provided is a map of which test is most popular in each of the 50 states.  Check to see which test is most popular in the state your post-secondary institution is in, and make whichever test you choose is accepted.  

Some post-secondary institutions will also super-score (take the best results of your sections across all tests taken) your test scores of the same test type.  For example, if you take the ACT your Junior year and score an English sub-score of 24 and a Math score of 22, but you take it again your Senior year and score an English sub-score of 23 and a Math score of 25, some schools will take your best English score (24) and your best Math score (25) and average them together.  You cannot mix and match the ACT and SAT scores, however.   Not all post-secondary institutions offer this, so check with the admissions page of your post-secondary institution.


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