High School student-athletes interested in playing sports in college can register with the NCAA preferably during their Sophomore year, but there is no registration deadline.  However, you must obtain full eligibility by going through the eligibility process in order to receive athletic scholarships or play at the Division I or Division II level.

For students interested in joining the NCAA eligibility list, click here.

New rules will be implemented by the NCAA for student-athletes planning to participate in Division I or Division II athletics at the college level.

​The NCAA determines a college student-athlete's eligibility. It is the student's and the parent's/guardian's responsibility to check with the National College Athletic Association (NCAA) and their post-secondary institution before completing or adjusting the student's schedule. 

The NCAA currently only accepts college preparatory classes and above from Jefferson High School. If a student-athlete wishes to participate in collegiate sports, the student and parent are advised to meet with the school counselor. Please click here to review the brochure of DI and DII requirements.

As always, please be in contact with your coach and our Athletic Director, Mr. Stewart, should you have any questions about the NCAA!

Bill Stewart - Athletic Director

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