JHS Graduation Letter

JHS Graduation Letter 2021

Dear Seniors and Senior Parents/Guardians,


This is a very exciting time as we look forward to graduating our 2021 Jefferson High School senior class.  We are very proud of all our seniors.  You have represented yourselves and your school well.  This positive behavior does need to continue as we complete the work necessary between now and graduation day on May 23, 2021. Please visit the county website to review the details of the Commencement Ceremony and Grad Walk that will comprise this year’s graduation celebration. Click the Graduation 2021 icon on the Quick Links just below the homepage banner.


From now until graduation, we will continue to follow all state, county, and school policies.
  As it pertains to graduation, a substance abuse violation in the last 4 weeks of school (per policy), an expellable offense, or a suspension with a chargeable offense prior to graduation would prevent a student from participating in the graduation ceremony.  It is important that our seniors continue to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner each and every day.  You need to be responsible and respectful to other students, staff, and to the school itself.  As always, the staff and administration will take the appropriate measures to ensure the safety and security of all.  Please remember that participating in the graduation ceremony is a privilege, not a right.


This is your opportunity to be positive role models for all those who will graduate from Jefferson High School in the future.  You have already demonstrated your incredible resilience by navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic during your final years at JHS. Take this opportunity to show all of Jefferson County that we have a great senior class whose members are proud of themselves, their families, and their school and set the bar high for those who will follow you at JHS.


Although the time is short, and some of the traditional end of the year activities will be missing due to COVID-related restrictions, there is still much to be done.  There are sports to be played, tests to be taken, projects to do, and the list goes on and on.


Seniors are not eligible for graduation unless they have completed all of their requirements.  This includes the four Experiential Learning hours.  Seniors, please be sure to review your grades carefully and to do class work and make up work as needed according to policy.  Unfortunately, for some of you, the final few weeks of class work will determine whether you graduate or not.

For others, these weeks are still essential to maintaining your GPA and preparing for college or work. Regardless of your plans after graduation, now is the time to remain focused on bringing a positive conclusion to your high school experience!


There will be no End of Semester Assessments (semester exams). Seniors’ last day in school will be Wednesday, May 19th. Keep in mind that once the grades are submitted by staff members at 3pm that day, the grades are final and determine eligibility for graduation.


Unfortunately, we are not able to host the Senior Salute or Grad Night as in recent years. However, your Senior Class Officers are planning other ways to celebrate your success, including personalized yard signs similar to those made for the Class of 2020. Senior Awards will take place on Tuesday, May 18th at 6pm. Students receiving honors, scholarships, or other recognitions will be notified by the Counseling Office to ensure those students attend to be recognized in person. While audience attendance will be restricted, the Awards will be live-streamed so that family and friends can participate virtually. 


The following pages will give you important information to help the graduation process go smoothly. Continue to monitor LiveGrades and the school website for additional announcements. If you have questions, please contact Senior Class Advisors Mrs. Biller or Mrs. Custer, or you may contact me.




Sherry M. FitzGerald


Sherry M. FitzGerald, M.Ed.




~ Jefferson High School ~



Sherry M. FitzGerald - sherry.ross@k12.wv.us / 304-725-8491 ext 6000



Jenifer Steen - jsteen@k12.wv.us / 304-725-8491 ext 6031



Amanda Biller Amanda.biller@k12.wv.us / 304-725-8491 ext 6067

Maranda Custer Maranda.custer@k12.wv.us / 304-725-8491 ext 6114



Cap & Gown delivery                         April 12 during LINKS

Senior Awards Ceremony                  May 18 @ 6pm in JHS Main Gym

(limited audience; ceremony will be live-streamed)

Last day for graduating Seniors         May 19

Senior Grades Due                              May 19 @ 3pm

Ticket Drive-thru Pick-up                  May 21- times tba


GRADUATION:       Sunday, May 23rd at Shepherd University

Commencement Ceremony 4:30pm - Butcher Center

Grad Walk 5:45-8:15pm - Frank Center / Wellness Center


Please review the Graduation 2021 information posted on the county website for details regarding these events!

Dress Code for Graduation:

  • Any senior who plans to participate in the graduation ceremony (Commencement Ceremony and/or Grad Walk) is REQUIRED to wear a 2021 JHS cap and gown. If you have not already ordered yours, or would like to request financial assistance, see Mrs. Biller or Mrs. Custer asap.
  • Jostens will be here to deliver the caps and gowns on April 12th during LINKS for both in person and JVA students. Students who are absent for the delivery will need to make arrangements with Mrs. Biller or Mrs. Custer to obtain their purchases.
  • Payment for caps and gowns is by cash or money order made out to Jostens. No checks will be accepted. If you have questions related to the Josten’s order or your cap and gown delivery, please contact our representative, Holly Sidwell directly at 304-569-5172 or at holly.sidwell@jostens.com.
  • EXPECTED DRESS for males:Dark dress pants (no jeans), collared dress shirt, tie, and dress shoes with socks. Sneakers, work boots, flip flops, or beach sandals are not considered dress shoes. Please arrive at the Commencement Ceremony and the Grad Walk already dressed in your Cap and Gown!
  • EXPECTED DRESS for females: Dress, dress pants or skirt and blouse (generally looks best if hemline does not show below gown), and dress shoes. Sneakers, work boots, flip flops, or beach sandals are not considered dress shoes. For safety reasons, any sandal-type shoe must have a heel strap. Please, no platforms or heels higher than 3”. Please arrive at the Commencement Ceremony and the Grad Walk already dressed in your Cap and Gown!
  • Caps may be decorated - all decorations must be firmly affixed. Caps must be reviewed by Mrs. Custer, Mrs. Biller, or an administrator prior to graduation for approval. Caps deemed unacceptable (including things falling off the cap) will be replaced.
  • Only approved honor stoles/cords awarded by school-sponsored organizations with a requirement for academic excellence may be worn with the gowns (see attached list).Official membership pins for other clubs, organizations, and activities, may be worn on gowns or sashes with administrator approval.
  • Purses, bags, electronic devices, or other items may not be carried with you or placed under the seats. Plan to leave your personal items in the car or with your family. Neither the school nor Shepherd University is responsible for misplaced, stolen, or lost items.



  • All graduating Seniors will receive 6 guest tickets for graduation.
  • Tickets are for the Grad Walk ONLY. No guests are permitted at the Commencement Ceremony.
  • Seniors will be randomly assigned a time for their Grad Walk. The senior’s name and their assigned time and location will be noted on the back of their tickets.
  • Seniors must pre-register their guests using the following link by May 12th.


  • Only registered guests will be permitted entry.
  • Seniors who do not use all 6 of their allotted tickets may NOT transfer them to another senior. Social distancing guidelines limit Grad Walk participation to the graduate and their guests at their assigned time.
  • Tickets will be distributed at a drive-thru pick-up on Friday, May 21st. Times will be announced at least a week in advance.

Senior Debt:

  • Seniors must return all books, uniforms, school equipment, etc. or pay for the item or items. All other debts including debts for breakfast/lunch must be paid prior to the distribution of guest tickets to each graduating senior who is participating in the ceremony. Guest tickets will not be distributed to seniors who owe debts of any kind to the school or Jefferson County Schools. Debts must be paid with cash or money order.NO PERSONAL CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED.


Graduation Video and Graduation Pictures:

  • The Commencement Ceremony will be live-streamed. A link will be posted on the county and school websites.
  • Myerly and Lowe will take individual photos of seniors during the Grad Walk. Order Forms are available from Mrs. Biller or Mrs. Custer, in the main office, or through Myerly and Lowe.

  • Students will receive notice of their debts by May 7th. Debts must be paid to the Finance Secretary – a schedule of dates and times for collection will be listed on the debt notification. KEEP YOUR RECEIPT as it is the proof needed in order to be removed from the debt list.
  • All debts must be paid by 3:00 pm, on Wednesday, May 19th.EXCEPTIONS: Students that have been identified as homeless under the McKinney Vento Act and those who have a documented hardship such as an adjudicated bankruptcy. Parent/guardian must request a meeting with the principal at least 10 days prior to graduation and provide supporting documentation.



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