Graduation 2021

Graduates and Their Guests

Graduation this year will be conducted differently than in the past to ensure the greatest degree of participant and guest safety under current guidelines.  Therefore, Jefferson County Schools (JCS) is providing as much information as possible in advance to help you prepare.  Please be advised that JCS is subject to orders from the Governor and that future changes in state-mandated safety protocol may dictate changes in this process.

When/Where will the graduation ceremony be held?

All ceremonies will be held on Sunday, May 23, 2021, on the Shepherd University Campus.  There will be TWO separate events for graduates.  One is for graduates only, the other for the graduate and their family members.

4:30pm – 5:30pm:     Commencement Ceremony in Butcher Center for Graduates ONLY.  There will be no community or family members in attendance at this event.  Students will experience a full Commencement Ceremony including presentations and announcement of graduate names. 

5:45pm – 8:15 pm:     Graduation Walk Ceremony in two locations (Frank Center and Wellness Center). Students will be provided up to six (6) tickets for family members to join the Senior in a graduation walk, diploma pick-up, and professional picture session for both the senior walking across the stage with their diploma and with their families with a backdrop after students cross the stage.  Tickets will be TIMED TICKETS with the times randomly assigned and noted on the ticket.  

Who is eligible to participate in graduation? 

Only students who have met all graduation credit requirements fully by Wednesday, May 19, 2021, will be able to participate in the graduation ceremonies on May 23, 2021. Students who complete graduation requirements after this date may participate in a graduation ceremony this summer.  For an outline of graduation requirements, please visit:  see our programs of study, or contact your school counselor.

How Do I Obtain my Cap and Gown, Cords, and Graduation Announcements? 

Jostens will deliver cap and gown and announcement orders on Monday, April 12 during LINKS. An outside station will be set up for JVA seniors to drive through at that same time. Senior Class Advisors will provide details on where to report and arrangements for late orders / pick-ups. Cords and pins will be disseminated with Grad Walk ticket pick-up on Friday, May 21st. 

How Do I Receive My Diploma?

Diploma covers will be distributed at the Commencement Ceremony to all graduates.  The diplomas for graduates will be distributed in the same building as the graduate walk. For graduates not picking up their diplomas, there will be a pick-up at your school the following week. Graduates are permitted to bring six (6) guests to their Graduation Walk Ceremony. No guests are permitted in the Commencement Ceremony.  Tickets will be distributed the Friday prior to graduation in a drive through/pick up process at each school. Guests will be checked in at the entrances before the Graduation Walk Ceremony. Anyone not on the list will not be permitted. 

Do You or Your Guests Require Special Needs Arrangements? 

To ensure the comfort level of all of our guests, we ask that students request special needs accommodations when they register their guests. You will do this through an electronic registration form provided to you by your school. Your appointment time will be randomly assigned and provided to you the week prior to graduation.  Accessible parking will be available.

Where Do I Go on Sunday, May 23? 

The Commencement Ceremony for graduates only will take place in the Butcher Center. Doors open for seating 30 minutes prior to the start of commencement. All graduates must attend to pick up their diploma covers they will use in their graduate walk. This event is for students only. No guests are permitted but may view the commencement ceremony on the Jefferson County Schools website.   After the Commencement Ceremony, graduates will be dismissed and are to come back to campus for their scheduled Graduate Walk Ceremony with their six guests. Your ticket will show the randomly assigned location and appointment time. ***BE ON TIME – Commencement will begin on time and all graduates must be seated by the start time.  Please be advised that graduates will not be seated after the Commencement has started.
Please arrive for your graduate walk at the start of your appointment time. You will not be permitted to enter prior to your scheduled start time.  You will be provided a presentation card WITH YOUR NAME ON IT that indicates to the faculty member lining up the graduates that you are present. This is what will be read when you walk across the stage.

What Do I Wear? 

Regalia is required to participate in the Commencement Convocation and the graduate walk. Underneath your regalia, please make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes, but no blue jeans or shorts. There will not be any place to store personal items, so cell phones, purses, satchels, and similar items should be given to a guest prior to line-up. GRADUATES, please: Tassels are worn on the right side of the cap before the ceremony and are then moved to the left after you cross the stage. 

When Will I Receive My Diploma? 

Diplomas will be distributed at the graduate walk in the same building.

What about the graduation parade/drive through? 

You will receive information about the graduation parade/drive-thru from your school separately.  This information packet pertains to the graduation ceremony at Shepherd University only. 

But I Still Have Questions Concerning Graduation! 

Should any other concerns arise, please call Ms. Steen in the Counseling Office at 304-725-8491 ext. 6031 or see your Senior Class Advisors Mrs. Biller and Mrs. Custer. 

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