Melissa Smith

Welcome to JHS Science!

I'm your teacher, Mrs. Smith


A little about me...This is my 3rd year back at JHS teaching science.  I have a husband of 16 years, girl-boy twins age 9 and a goofy looking dog!  I love hiking, fishing, and nature in general!!

Please communicate with me through my school email, and NOT livegrades.  Currently we have 4 platforms for me to monitor, and there are limits to my super power abilities! To ensure that I am able to answer and keep up with any and all communications I ask that you only use my email address. Expect a response within 2 business days.

Google Classroom Codes

Period 1 Earth Sci:  ziectkt
Period 2:   uofcc2r
Period 3:   pvac2lr
Period 4:   vh5q7vq
Period 5:   25z5lio
Period 6:    ilokeyv
Period 7:   74epgwy
Period 8:   n5qqqyv  


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