Grading policy

This year in my art classes, students will explore the elements and principles of art through projects, readings and worksheets that are designed to enhance student understanding of art. Effort, focus and participation are required each day, monitored and given points that are incorporated into the project grades. I believe that everything you do is a self portrait, therefore I give the same weight to a worksheet as I do for a project.

Projects are worth 20% and are graded with the use of a rubric or list of criteria to be included. Students who strive for an A will be those who are processing concepts and adding their own skill and understanding, above and beyond the basic ideas.

Summative and cumulative assessments are worth 20% of the grade. These will include vocabulary, processes, people, inventions and events from our reading in class. I will supply study guides for all quizzes.

Worksheets and Homework are worth 20% of the grade. These worksheets will involve reading, writing and some drawing. They will be turned into the class box for grading and returned. Practice pages are also part of this category.

Sketchbook drawings are also worth 20% of the grade. These are assignments that will be required to be in the student folder that will be checked once or twice during the nine week period.

Make-up Work and Missed Assignments

In accordance with Jefferson County School policy,

  • Students will be granted one school day for each day of absence to complete assignments given during their absence.
  • Re-testing of test failures will be offered within five days upon a student receiving it back originally.
  • Work assigned prior to an absence that comes due during the absence must be turned in upon return from the absence.
  • It is the student's responsibility to initiate the request for the missed assignments and to complete the make-up work in the time allotted.

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