Christa Crawford: JHS Dance Department Director/Dance Educator

Charisma 2018-2019

Welcome Back to the JHS Dance Department 2019-20120

Check out the 2019-2020 JHS Dance Department Syllabus. Lots of important info.
JHS Dance Department Syllabus Dance I-IV and Dance Ensemble 2017-2018 Updated.doc

Important Dates

October 21                          Fall Showcase Tech Rehearsal 3-7 PM-Charisma, Dance IV and Dance I 6th Period

October 22                          Fall Showcase Tech Rehearsal 3-7 PM-Dance II, III and Dance I 7th

October 28                          Fall Showcase Dress Rehearsal 3-8 PM-Dance I-IV  and Charisma

November 3                       Fall Showcase Performance 6 PM Call 4:30 PM

March 16                             Spring Dance Concert Tech Rehearsal 3-7 PM-Charisma and Dance II

March 17                             Spring Dance Concert Tech Rehearsal 3-7 PM-Dance III and Dance I 6th

March 18                             Spring Dance Concert Tech Rehearsal 3-7 PM- Dance IV and Dance I 7th

March 23                             Spring Dance Concert Dress Rehearsal 3-8 PM-All Classes and Charisma

March 29                             Spring Dance Concert 6 PM Call 4:00 PM


Christa L. Crawford

1st Period Dance II

2nd Period Dance III

3rd Period Dance IV

4th Period Dance Planning

Cougar A

Tuesday-Departmental Meetings or NHSDA/ Charisma Leadership Meetings

Wednesday-Intervention/Charisma As Needed

Thursday-High Top Area Duty

Friday-High Top Area Duty

Cougar B

Monday- Lunch/Charisma

Tuesday-Lunch Charisma

Wednesday- Lunch/Charisma



5th Period Dance Ensemble/JHS Charisma Dance Ensemble

6th Period-Dance I

7th Period-Dance I

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