Message from the Cadet Commander


Congratulations! Our unit has received the Distinguished Unit Award for the 16th consecutive year. Since our founding many years ago, our unit has grown exponentially. Over the previous year, our unit has broken many goals that once seemed unimaginable. When we first began this school year, we aimed to raise $35,000 for the annual Shoe and Coat Fund. Yet, we shattered records when we raised nearly $50,000 to help those in need last winter. Through our involvement in the community, we provided over 5000 hours of community service. Our impact on the community has never been greater… and it is you as cadets that are responsible for such remarkable success. This award reflects the sacrifice, service, and hard-work we have dedicated towards achieving our unit goals. I would personally like to thank all of our seniors for their commitment to our program, and I wish you luck in your future endeavors. For all cadets returning next year, our success and hard-work has only begun. I expect that you will only continue to increase your involvement within our unit, and will continue to explore new opportunities that will arise next year. To all 100’s, you will be given tremendous responsibility as you have begun your careers as leaders. To succeed next year will require a tremendous amount of dedication and discipline, however, I know that we are capable of such outstanding aspirations. I am honored to lead our unit for the following year; together we will accomplish incredible things.

With Confidence,

C/Colonel Henriquez

Corps Commander

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