Message from the Cadet Commander

Dear Cadets,

Welcome back to another year! Hopefully by now you have all settled into your flights and, 100s, you have an idea of what JROTC is like. As if I didn’t know from my own experience that we have an outstanding corps of cadets, we received Distinguished Unit with Merit last year. This is truly an honor, and we are going to maintain those high standards and even exceed them this year. This includes surpassing our unit goals:

  • 100% participation in the wellness program with 90% of cadets improving in one aspect of the exam and 65% of cadets improving overall
  • 50% of cadets will be involved in at least 1 LDR (i.e. orienteering, Bataan Death March, Honor Guard)
  • At least 75% of cadets, exempting graduating seniors, will return for another year of JROTC
  • Cadets will average 5 or less absences per academic term
  • Cadets will average at least 20 hours of community service each
  • Cadets will raise at least $45,000 for the Shoe and Coat Fund
  • At least 70% of cadets will be involved in the Shoe and Coat Fund

In order to do that, everyone needs to get involved. Part of being an Air Force JROTC cadet is being a leader, which means taking the initiative to do what is needed of you, no matter how trivial it may seem at the time. We have many big events coming up – including a drill competition that we are hosting for the first time – which means all hands on deck. From what I’ve seen in previous years from the upperclassmen, and especially from the outstanding behavior I’ve seen from the 100s, I know we can do it.

Always look for ways to do better. Look over the cadet guide and keep your uniform neat and clean. Details are important; do not get lazy and ignore small details. It will get noticed.

I can’t wait to see what this year brings, and good luck to everyone.

C/ Col Abbigail White, Group Commander


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