Cougar Compass

Introducting Cougar Compass!

Cougar Compass

This year Jefferson High School is using a product called Suite360 to support social-emotional learning to meet the educational goals previously addressed through LINKS. To reflect the concept of learning skills that help students navigate toward graduation and life after high school, Jefferson High School has re-branded Suite360 as Cougar Compass. With the help of JHS teacher Mrs. Eisenhart and students Logan Richie and Abby Snider, we are proud to share the logo above!

Cougar Compass is a digital platform that provides an immersive experience for students that addresses a variety of skills and topics such as communication, cheating, bullying, suicide, managing emotions, etc.

Students recently experienced Cougar Compass through a lesson about the consequences of bullying through their English class and an additional lesson on Cyberbullying through their History class. Additional lessons are planned for the near future, some to be completed independently, and others to be completed in class. There will also be modules for parents that we hope to have available after the holidays. Parents, please ask your students to show you Cougar Compass!

Completion of Cougar Compass modules will be rewuired for all level Renaissance Cards beginning second semester. JHS Renaissance believes in recognizing and rewarding the effort students put into completing these important educational activities - that's why we are adding it to our Renaissance Cards for the upcoming semester!

The student login information is as follows:

Username: student email address

Password: Student ID # (3700…..) (not the same as your email password)

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