Freshman Class

Message from the Class Officers:

Welcome to the Freshman Class webpage. This website is provided for the convenience of all freshman and their families. This site will be very useful to incoming freshman as they become acclimated to the school's environment and policies. The site is updated frequently as new information pertaining to class events becomes available so check back often for updates.

The Freshman Class Officers' meeting schedule will be posted upon its finalization.

Welcome Message

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Welcome to Jefferson High School! At your new institution of learning for the next four years you will be merged into one large class from many different backgrounds and schools. Although many think the transition to high school is a difficult one, we believe your high school journey will be some of the best years of your life. This website contains many pieces of useful information for you to digest in order to get a better understanding of Jefferson High School. Please visit the "New to the School" tab for the aforementioned information.

Student Government Association

Jefferson High School utilizes a five tier Student Government system. Each class (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) elects five Class Officers to lead their respective classes in fundraisers, event planning, correspondence with administration, association with other classes, etc. In addition to the Class Officers, the Jefferson High School student body as a whole will elect six addition officers to oversee the operations of the individual classes while also being responsible for elections and other events. Freshman Class Officer elections will take place an estimated month after the beginning of the 2017-18 academic year.

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