Philosophy of Interscholastic Athletics

Interscholastic sports are a "tool" which can be used to teach and practice good citizenship. To this end, we believe winning and losing are important only when considered in the context of how we play the game and how we represent ourselves and our school under the pressure of competition.

Therefore, we believe:

THAT interscholastic athletics are an integral part of the educational program of Jefferson High School. Participation on a team will promote desirable attitudes toward the importance of team work and team unity, will promote social growth and maturation of all individuals involved and will prepare participants for the responsibilities of adult life.

THAT every student should have an opportunity to become involved in the athletic program; if not as an athlete, then in other capacities such as manager, statistician or videographer.

THAT the coaches and participants should strive at all levels to develop and display the attitudes of good sportsmanship, good citizenship and loyalty to teams and school.

THAT the health and well-being of the participants are more important than the outcome of any athletic contest.

Six pillars of character in which participation in athletics will help build:







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