Expectations of Spectator Behavior

* Applaud players for their efforts

* Accept the decisions of officials

* Appreciate participants for their commitment

* Support school personnel in conducting an orderly and spirited contest

* Maintain composure when breaks seem to go against your team

* Respect the rights of other spectators

* Reward sportmanlike behavior through cheering

* Focus attention on positive aspects of competition

* Encourage players by showing enthusiasm and positive recognition

* Demonstrate concern for the safety and welfare of all athletes


These young men and ladies are students and not professional athletes. They will make errors in the course of competition, as will game officials and coaches. However, all participants are trying their best. Negative criticism and booing will not help them to improve and are unacceptable forms of expression at this event. You can assist in their development as athletes by focusing attention on the positive aspects of their performance. Your cooperation is important and appreciated.

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