Athletic Department

George "Bill" Stewart
Athletic Director
304-725-8491 X6022

Dr. Richard Welch
Asst. Athletic Director
304-725-8491 X6087

Game Manager

Caitlyn Bussard 
Athletic Training

Marsha Lynn Holmes
304-725-8491 X6005

Mission Statement:

A mission of the Jefferson County Schools athletic program is to teach and reinforce in student-athletes values relating to wholesome competition, good sportsmanship, and fair play. It is expected that spectators reinforce these values by exhibiting appropriate behavior at athletic events.

A condition of entry into an Jefferson County Schools athletic event is that all spectators agree to recognize the events as an extension of the learning process, and that all present have the responsibility to model appropriate behavior. The event is a unique opportunity for spectators to be a part of a positive and productive learning environment and to model behavior appropriate to a high school setting.

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